Leah Jee is pumping up the music scene with her unique style of original pop rock.


The Midwest girl with California roots, Leah is ready to rock you out and make sure you have an awesome time at the show.


With catchy lyrics, toe-tapping hooks, and captivating melodies, Leah writes songs that you can relate to and tunes you can’t get out of your head.


Music is her passion, and one look at her up on the stage makes it evident - she is there to share that passion with you. 


Leah has been grouped among amazing acts like the GoGos, No Doubt, and Paramore, and the release of her album “The Rest Is Ours” earned her the title of this generation’s Joan Jett.


Leah is ready to make you believe her mantra, “I’m Leah Jee, and I’m here to rock you out.”


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Concert on the Green!

Enderis Park, 2956 N 72nd St, Milwaukee, WI

We're honored to be included and to kick off the first Enderis Park Concert on the Green concert series! We're opening for headliners 5 Card Studs! We hit the stage at 6pm for an hour show. Free show, all ages! We'll have new merch too. Come out and enjoy a night of amazing tunes and lots of fun!


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