Leah Jee is pumping up the music scene with her unique style of pop rock with a punk twist. Born and raised in Southern California, Leah’s music reflects her deep west coast roots, and her time in Milwaukee, WI contributes Midwest overtones to her songs. 

Leah Jee is an artist who truly believes that music can change the world. Living by her mantra, “We are the dreamers of the dreams and we can change the world,” Leah is on a mission to do her part through her combination of music and philanthropy.

Leah plays with passion and has a love of connecting with the audience on and off stage. One look at her up on the stage makes it evident - she is there to share that passion with you. Leah will make you believe, “I’m Leah Jee, and I’m here to rock you out.”

Rockin' The Rock!

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The Rock Camping Resort, N4310 26th Ave, Mauston

We'll be playing as a FULL BAND at The Rock Camping Resort from 7-11pm on Saturday, Aug 18th! It's a gorgeous location, and we're hoping for good weather so we can perform on the outside stage! It's going to be an amazing time regardless! So come join us for this free show! If you are going to be staying at the campground, there is a shuttle to take to the stage! We are going to have one heck of a good time! Check out Point Bluff!


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